Our Story

Most dynamic companies are born out of some kind of need. This need could be for something as simple as a more streamlined process of doing things. In our case, the need was to work on something more creative. To stretch the limits of our imagination and dream. After many years of delivering video solutions and integrated campaigns, the time came to try something that has always been lingering in the shadows.

The time came to start working on projects that did more than just pay the bills. The time came to bring to life the ideas that originally inspired us to enter the film and video industry. But the only way to bring these ideas to life, was to animate them.

Join the Team!

We are always looking for talented individuals to join the team. If you feel that you want something more than a career in animation, this may well be the place for you. We look forward to seeing what you can do! Send your resume to and we'll get back to you the moment we lift our heads up from the animation screen.